Anthony's skills as a fight choreographer and performer have received rave reviews for creating an exciting and believable story with action.

  1. "It was a great honour and fantastic opportunity working on "Fearless as one of the casting directors and as an actor...major respect to Anthony De Longis who has to be one of if not the best western swordsmen in the world." Mike Leeder, Impact Magazine

  2. "The famous duel in rhyme is as thrilling as it was written to be, Richard Chamberlain skewering fight choreographer Anthony De Longis with a style that surely had Douglas Fairbanks smiling down from movie heaven." Los Angeles Times

  3. "Anthony De Longis' fight direction deserves singling out. Often this sort of stage action is perfunctor at best. Here, though, no only do all the moves work as expressions of individuals' character, but you can see the encounters, developing in each successive version of how the violence occurred. Each fight is the same but different - noticeable especially in the lovely final slapstick version - which is a real accomplishment." La Jolla Light

  4. "De Longis has also staged the fight scenes. They are not only exciting, they show the difference between a duel where style is the thing and a duel where the object is to kill the other man any way you can." Los Angeles Times

  5. "Anthony De Longis did the fight choreography, enough said." Dramalogue

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Anthony's ability to tell a compelling story rests not just in his creative skills, but also in his ability to engender technical prowess and confidence - in his students and his fellow performers. He is a natural-born teacher.

  1. "Anthony De Longis, he was a great teacher. It contributed a great deal to the part, a great deal. I can't imagine, I mean I really can't imagine, Catwoman without the whip and also without Anthony's whip." - Michelle Pfeiffer, Actor

  2. "Thanks for your excellent help. It's so great to finally do it right! You've opened my eyes to what a stage fight can be-I knew it could be like this, but no one took the time before. - Rodney Gilfrey, Baritone

  3. "How lucky we are to have you with us. You're just terrific-and in my opinion, the best fight director in the business!" - Jonathan McMurtry, Actor, Old Globe Theater

  4. "His approach is more concerned with the people - the characters - than getting fancy with technique." - Benjamin Hendrickson, Actor

  5. " I'd like to specifically say that I very much appreciate your teaching skills. You were able to communicate not only what you wanted me to to go for, but specifically what I was doing instead, and the differences. That is a huge gift, and one that few people, teachers or otherwise, have to give." - Jonathan Kessler, Private Student

  6. "Mr. De Longis is the most patient of teachers and presented the most entertaining seminars I have ever attended. Oh that we could all have had professors in college like this gentleman." - Lesley Currie, Sword Spectacular Attendee

  7. "I liked the way Anthony created an atmosphere in which serious learning and fun, supportiveness, and respect were balanced. I thought he was an amazing teacher in the way he set a tone for learning that matched the ability level of everyone there. As someone who has often felt a lack of physical confidence, this kind of teaching atmosphere was very important for me." - Dvorah Simon, Sword Spectacular Attendee