Actor, Fight Director, Weapons Specialist, Horseman, Writer, Wild West Performer - Anthony De Longis is a man of many talents.
De Longis蘗s impressive list of professional credentials spans Film, Television, and Theatre. He has worked both in front of and behind the camera with some of biggest names in the Entertainment Industry, including Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Jet Li, Ron Howard, Yuen Woo Ping, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tim Burton, Patrick Swayze, Ellen Barkin, Angelica Huston, Bo Derek, Richard Chamberlain, Placido Domingo, and Charlton Heston.
Anthony蘗s acting reel and resume can be found on his Actor page. His Fight Director/Stunt resume can be found on his Action page, and his skills reels are available for viewing on his Skills page. A partial list of articles written about and/or by Anthony can be found on the Articles page. And to see what others have said of his talents and skill, visit his Accolades page.
In addition to his performance career, Anthony runs Palpable Hit Productions, dedicated to producing and marketing high-quality instructional DVDs on swordplay and bullwhip for both performance and combat. 
The line of products includes: Rapier for the Stage and Screen; Broadsword for the Stage and Screen; L蘗Ecole Francaise: A Practical and Combative Guide to the French Smallsword; La Verdadera Destreza: The Art and Skill of Spanish Swordsmanship; La Scherma Italiana: The Basics of Italian Rapier Fencing; Whip Cracking With The Masters; and Mastering the Bullwhip. Please visit the website at for more information.
At his home, Rancho Indalo, in Canyon Country, CA, Anthony runs a training facility for those interested in building new skills, improving existing ones, or simply enjoying a vacation training to be your favorite action hero! Hourly, day and weekly packages are available. To find out more, please visit the website at