Whether performing with or training an actor, Anthony De Longis, with his expertise in martial arts and weapons, allows the actor to extend her/his ability to tell and sell a story. After all, would Michelle Pfeiffer's "Catwoman" in BATMAN RETURNS been nearly as sexy and dangerous without De Longis's whip training and choreography?

  1. "Anthony De Longis, he was a great teacher. It contributed a great deal to the part, a great deal. I can't imagine, I mean I really can't imagine, Catwoman without the whip and also without Anthony's whip." ---- Michelle Pfeiffer, Entertainment Tonight

Fight Director Resume

Feature Films
TITLE                                                                                                                                            COORDINATOR
INDIANA JONES & THE                       Bullwhip Trainer (Harrison Ford)                                             Gary Powell
FEARLESS (with Jet Li)                      Perform/Co-choreographer: saber vs. Chinese gim (Jet Li)        Yuen Woo Ping
FRIENDLY FIRE                                   Sword Master/ Duelist w/Sean Lennon                                     Anthony De Longis
HOUSE OF FALLEN                            Choreographer/Performer: fight                                               Anthony De Longis
SECONDHAND LIONS                        SwordMaster/Trainer/Performer: sabre vs. double scimitar        Walter Scott
THE RUNDOWN                                  Bullwhip Trainer                                                                      Andy Chang
ARIANA'S QUEST                               Performer/Co-choreographer: double broadsword                     P. Drozda, M. Slepicka
SINBAD:BATTLE OF                          Choreographer: Sword & Whip Duels                                       John Cade
ALMOST HEROES                            Co-choreographer: Comic Spanish Rapier (Mathew Perry)       Max Klevin
CHEROKEE KID                                  Trainer/Choreographer: Knife/Tomahawk Throw/Bullwhip         Tony Brubaker
WILD BILL                                             Bullwhip Trainer/Choreographer (Ellen Barkin)                         Allan Graf
BATMAN RETURNS                             Bullwhip Trainer/Choreographer (Michelle Pfeiffer)                   Max Klevin
POCAHONTAS 2                                  Co-choreographer: Broadsword & Sabre Duel (Rotoscope)       A. De Longis,T. Weske
DOUBLE DRAGON                              Bullwhip Trainer / Choreographer                                                Jeff Imada
BAD GIRLS                                           Whip Double: Bullwhip Throat Wrap (Madeline Stowe)             Walter Scott
FAR AND AWAY                                  Performer: Bare Knuckle Fight                                                Walter Scott
ROAD HOUSE                                      Performer: Karate / Knife Fights                                              Charlie Picerni
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE           Trainer/Co-Choreographer: Broadsword Dbl: Frank Langella     Loren Janes
DANGEROUSLY CLOSE                     Choreographer / Performer: knife and hand-to-hand combat
EXPECT NO MERCY                            Co-Choreographer: Bullwhip vs Karate                                        Shane Cardwell
THE FEMININE TOUCH                        Co-Choreographer: Karate Duel                                              Scott McElroy
THE SWORD & THE SORCERER        Performer: Staff & Sword Fights                                              Dir. Albert Pyun
THE WARRIOR & THE SORCERESS  Choreographer/Coordinator/Performer;Dbl: David Carradine     Anthony De Longis
JAGUAR LIVES                                     Performer: Climactic Karate Duel                                            Joe Lewis
FINAL ROUND                                       Performer: Climactic Karate Duel                                                Dir. Geo. Ershbaumer
CIRCLE OF IRON                                  Performer: Karate Battles                                                            Sandy Howard

TITLE                                           PERFORMANCE                                                            COORDINATOR
WIZARDS of WAVERLY PLACE   Bullwhip Trainer                                                                         Rex Reddick
I’M WITH THE BAND                      Bullwhip Trainer / Stunt Double                                                 Rex Reddick
JUSTIFIED                                      Knife Thrower / Fights					                Kerry Rossall
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER         Bullwhip Trainer						                 Anthony De Longis
ELI STONE                                     Sword Master / gladiator 					                Danny Weselis
LEVERAGE                                    Fight Co-Choreographer/Performer		                                       Charlie Brewer / Pat Banta
iCARLY                                           Fencing Choreographer / Trainer / Actor			                Vince Deadrick
THE RICHES                                   Stunt / Performer: fight					                Hubie Kerns	
THE WAR AT HOME                      Fencing Choreographer / Trainer / Actor			                De Longis/Mary Albee
NCIS                                                Instructor: Knife-Throwing				                            Diamond Farnsworth
MR & MRS SMITH (pilot)                  Performer: fights					                            Jeff Habberstad
ALIAS                                             Stunt / Performer						                Shauna Duggins
INTO THE WEST                            Performer: Bullwhip Action				                           Tony Boggs
HIGHLANDER: The Series               Co-Choreographer/Guest Star: Spanish rapier & dagger duels	    F. Braun McAsh
MYTHQUEST                                 Co- Choreographer/Guest Star: dbl sword vs sword/axe	                F. Braun McAsh
QUEEN OF SWORDS                    Stunt Coordinator / Sword Master				                Anthony De Longis
TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL            Stunt Double: Karate Fight (Lee Horsley)			                Dick Butler
MAGNIFICENT SEVEN                 Sword Choreographer / Trainer / Double (Dale Midkiff)	                Walter Scott
ADVENTURES of SINBAD            Guest Star / Horse Trainer: sword / whip fights, whip action	    John Stead
HAWKEYE                                      Performer: fights					                            Danny Virtue
PACIFIC BLUE                               Co- Choreographer / Guest Star:karate fights		                Cory Eubanks
BUFFALO GIRLS                           Choreographer / Trainer	: bullwhips (Anjelica Huston)		    Dave Cass
KUNG FU                                        Performer / Guest Star: Kung Fu fights		                            Al Leong
RENEGADE                                    Guest Star (2) / Performer: fights			                            Russel Solberg
MacGYVER                                     Guest Star (2) / Performer: fights			                            Vince Deadrick
MIKE HAMMER                              Performer / Guest Star (fights)				                Dick Butler 
SIMON & SIMON                            Co-Star (2) / Performer: fights				                Charlie Picerni
HARDCASTLE & McCORMICK    Guest Star / Performer: fights                                                              Charlie Picerni
FANTASY ISLAND                           Sword Duel/Dbl. (Ricardo Montalban, Fernando Lamas)                   Snuffy Harrison, Lenny Rondell