Anthony De Longis is an experienced and accomplished instructor in Acting Action. He has taught Acting Action Classes at the world-famous Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles, CA, Fencing, Stage Combat and Character Movement at the UCLA Theater Arts Department (1974 to 1993), and Master Classes at Los Angeles City College (Los Angeles, CA) York University (Toronto, Canada), the Atlanta School of Stage Combat (Atlanta, GA), Radford College (Radford, VA), Rockford College (Rockford, IL), as well as at private fencing and martial arts studios in Massachussetts, Virginia, and New Jersey.

Skills Training and Master Classes

"You can only wing it if you have the skills to fly." - Anthony De Longis

He has also taught beginning and intermediate sword classes at numerous conventions, and produced the Sword Spectacular Weekend- teaching and presenting educational swordplay demonstrations. Anthony’s teaching skills have been acclaimed by many, including professional performers and sword enthusiasts. (See Accolades)
Depending upon his performance schedule, Anthony is available for hourly, daily and weekly instruction; these include individual and group classes in Acting Action. Classes cover various topics including footwork, empty-hand actions (slaps, punches, grabs), reactions, swordplay, basic choreography, and staging action for the camera. Specialties, including bullwhip techniques are also available, but are not included in the standard class contents. Additional skills available at the Ranch include archery, knife and tomahawk throwing, firearms handling, and weapons on horseback (basic riding skills a prerequisite).
If you are interested in individual training or hosting a Master Class / weekend workshop in Acting Action, please contact us by dropping an email to Mary for details. We will be glad to discuss opportunities for Anthony to teach you, your class or your club. 

Australian Stunt Academy                    May 9-20, 2011                Rancho Indalo, Canyon Country,