A Man Of Iconic Action

Anthony De Longis creates scenes that are remembered.

Knowledge of all aspects of production as well as his decades of professional performance experience and skills in a broad range of martial arts fighting and weapons systems makes De Longis one of Hollywood's favorite collaborators.

I can't really imagine Catwoman without the whip - without Anthony's whip!"

- Michelle Pfeiffer

Over 200 Credits on IMDB

Anthony De Longis is an Actor and character-based film, television and stage Action Expert. Whether acting, performing stunts, directing, or consulting; he creates impactful and memorable moments for audiences. His work is prolific and his credits range across all genres from TV to movie to video games. De Longis is a master of many weapons, movement techniques, fighting styles and animal training. When Hollywood needs well-rounded experience and skills to bring script stunningly to the screen they call this man.

" Major respect to Anthony De Longis who has to be one of if not the best western swordsmen in the world."

- Mike Leeder, FEARLESS