"A style that surely had Douglas Fairbanks smiling down from movie heaven." -Los Angeles Times

"Major respect to Anthony De Longis, who has to be one of- if not the best- western swordsmen in the world." -Mike Leeder, Casting Director for FEARLESSImpact Magazine

Sword Master

A student of the bladed arts for over 50 years and counting, Anthony De Longis performs and choreographs a broad spectrum of weapons, periods and fighting styles.  He imparts his technique and confidence along with his ability to make weapon-specific adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of each sword.

This hands-on resource of knowledge and experience allows directors, stunt coordinators, and actors make the most of their character and story action opportunities.  In his skilled hands, the sword becomes and enthusiastic ally that elevates simple action to unforgettable visual credibility and authority.