Throwing Skills

Anthony is an expert with sharp steel. Making sure that everyone is safe and while looking extremely dangerous on film is no small feat. Decades of experience working with celebrity talent and world-class crews, Anthony has carved out a career of brilliance with axes, knives, and tomahawks on screen.

Case Study
Making sure that everyone is safe while (remove ‘and’) while looking extremely dangerous on film. Working with Coordinator Steve Brown on the film OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH, Anthony De Longis relied on his knife throwing accuracy and dependability to skewer rolling targets.  Known for contributing on either or both sides of the camera, his eclectic weapons skills create a variety of opportunities for the creative team. This is why he never stops practicing and adding to his skills set.  When an actor can actually perform practical accurate skills, filming is much easier whether with whips, swords, knives, archery, or even all of the above from the back of a galloping horse. This credibility for the character is priceless.
Member of the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame, Black Belt Hall of Fame, and USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame