“You can only 'wing it' if you develop the the skills to fly.” -Anthony De Longis

Ranch Indalo Weapons & Fight Training

A one-stop multi-skills training facility located top of the mountain in Canyon Country, about 45 minutes north of Universal Studios. This is the site of Anthony's school and where he teaches, trains, and keeps himself performance sharp.

Disciplines include whips, swords, weapons on horseback, on-site gun range, archery, knife and hawk throwing / fighting, double stick and bladed weapons, world classs riding opportunities for seasoned riders, fine dining (Dr Mary is a gourmet chef and the menu is extensive) and spa.

Past students include Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tom Cruise, Brendan Fraser, Christian Kane, Anjelica Huston, Bo Derek, Placido Domingo, and a legion of others.  

The Ranch Indalo horses are trained for all weapons work and great riding opportunities for intermediate to advanced riders. Clients from across the country and around the world come to train in fight and weapons techniques.