1.       "Thanks for your excellent help!  It's so great to finally do it right!  You've opened my eyes to what a stage fight can be- I knew it could be like this, but no one took the time before." - Rodney Gilfrey, Baritone, LA OPERA

            "How lucky we are to have you with us. You're just terrific- and in my opinion, the best fight director in the business!" - Jonathan McMurtry, Actor, Old Globe Theater

Fight Coordinator


Anthony De Longis specializes in helping Performers, Stunt Coordinators and Directors  create character driven action and make the most of their project's action opportunities.  He considers his greatest skill as a Stunt Performer / Fight Coordinator / Weapons Expert his ability to create a dynamic action story with a logical and easy to follow visual and emotional narrative.  This comes from his extensive stage training where there are no edits or cuts to tell the story for you. 

As a Fight Director and choreographer, he's known for his skill and knowledge in a broad range of bladed weapons arts, always building his action from combative truth to tell a more dynamic action story. De Longis introduced the unique style of Spanish rapier fighting to the screen in HIGHLANDER: the SERIES and created a more efficient, effective and visual style of whip work for Michelle Pfeiffer's "Catwoman" and Harrison Ford's "Indiana Jones" in CRYSTAL SKULL. He demonstrated his practical skills with blade, whip, gun and horse on History Channel's MORE EXTREME MARKSMEN, MYTH BUSTERS, LOCK & LOAD, TRIGGERS, 101 WEAPONS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD and DEADLIEST WARRIOR.

Fight Director / Stunt Resume